Solfa what?

What is Solfege and why would you learn it as a singer?

As a pianist, I can sight read a piece of music and hear the keys of my piano playing that melody. A violinist can do the same thing with a melody and hear their violin notes as they look at sheet music. 

What does a singer hear? How can a singer be equipped to hear their “instrument” when looking at a piece of music?

Solfege is a technique where the steps of a scale are assigned Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti and then back to Do. Reminds you of the “Sound of Music”, right?

Each step of the scale is also given a hand gesture and when you sing, you also sign the hand gesture. 

Why do I teach Solfege?

  1. When I start working with a student, most can’t read music on the staff, so the main reason I teach Solfege is to immediately get a student singing a melody.
  2. It aids in giving a word for each note so you have something to sing…not just “La La La”
  3. You can recognize musical intervals and can sight sing any piece or song if you continue your training. 

Having the right foundation with your instrument is essential for success. It doesn’t matter what style you sing. Solfege will really make you an intelligent, independent singer and make you realize your voice is your instrument.

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